1. CNY Japan: Day 3

    We woke up early to shop again! Sadly, I didn’t wake up early enough to join mom and dad for breakfast… they got mad at me again so i’m determined to eat tomorrow. (since its the last day)

    we got ready, went outside of the hotel to shop. we decided to split up again, so i spent an hour and a half shopping at little boutique stores.

    it was monday morning… so there was no one

    i passed by a cool looking store so got some souvenirs

    we met up after to have lunch. we went to a very expensive restaurant… spent 3000 for sushi lunch! but it was worth it so yummy

    mom eating…

    they serve the sushi/sashimi directly on the counter!! no plates needed

    i got myself uni handroll

    mom posin’

    food pics…



    shrimp! look at the tail… ooo..

    i bought a lot of stuff again

    we went to moms favorite store!! she was really happy but sadly didn’t buy anything

    then we stopped by another sports store… it was so boring

    i sat there playing fruit ninja… look at that spain sticker i got yesterday!

    here’s a pic of my beanie with a pom pom hehee

    dad and i posin’

    we split up again.. mom dad went to another department store for golf so i stayed at this mall

    this is the mall.

    they have some pretty stores!


    saw strawberry stockings! lol cute

    for din we got tempura…

    shabu shabu

    dad being a creep

    yum beef!

    and then we found another issey miyake store! mom was really happy and she ended up buying something

    i got some macaroons after to bring back to hotel

    look at all the colors…

    my midnight meal (green tea mochi, macaroons, milk pudding)

    mom got dried scallops (jason you jealous?)

    and sweet strawberries!

    close up pic of strawberry macaroon…

    and mom wanted me to show u this pic (jason). she ended up buying a vest at mu store

    okay i’m tired now, we did a lot of shopping today. DAY 3 OVER.

  2. CNY Japan: Day 2

    Woke up at 11 today, mom and dad was mad I didn’t join them for breakfast. They said it was really good, so i’m def going to go tomorrow!

    We started the day walking around again, we passed by this mall it was really cool so i took a pic of it.

    There’s a rock climbing and bungee jumping place at the front

    Then we stopped by a seven floor sports store… ofc i didn’t want to go in so i went to find myself some breakfast instead while mom and dad went

    i went to a supermarket (look at all those chips!!)

    and got myself corn soup and a bowl of tofu? the things that dad loves. sat at a bench by myself waiting for parents to come out

    dad got hungry again.. so we went to find a ramen store

    we were really happy when we saw all the signatures… that means the food is good!

    mom and i got a bowl of noodles (it was REALLY good)

    look at the egg!

    got fried dumplings too!! it was SOO GOOD best dumplings ever

    we went shopping again… this is suppose to be an illusion (does it look like moms standing on top of the ball?)

    i got myself a treat! its a chocolate biscuit filled with vanilla ice cream/whip cream

    we passed by a ballet place! so pretty

    got some food again

    mom about to eat

    dad eating

    then we went to tokyo hands!!! we decided to just shop alone and meet an hour later. so i went to the stationary floor first. look at all those notebooks!

    more notebooks…

    and stickers!!

    i got bored so sat on a chair playing temple run until it was time to go

    met up with mom later. she bought that stylus so she can play her games efficiently

    i bought myself a plug

    and got myself a strawberry (zhun zhu) drink

    and crazy asian glasses


    we went to the crab restaurant..

    look at the view! it was so nice and relaxing

    now for the food pics…

    dads creepy smile again

    first normal pic!

    now some crab sushi…

    me.. chilaxxing

    got green tea ice cream.. it was so good i ended up getting two


    and yep thats the end… day 2 OVER.

    LOL wait i just turned around and dads sitting up sleeping/snoring

    okay really.. day 2 over.

  3. Album Art

    I know its old, but I can’t stop listening

    Skinny Love
    Bon Iver
    www.JustSayinIsAll.com Great Songs of 2007
  4. CNY Japan: Day 1 

    Finally the start of CNY Break!! We started the holiday early, waking up at 7 to catch a plane to Osaka. After a long three hour nap we were finally there.

    I immediately got a few snacks for the train ride to the hotel. This included my two favorite chips and hot corn soup (Jason you’re missing out).

    Sadly, it was raining the whole day. Here’s dad (giving his creepy smile as usual) and mom (playing her iPhone game).

    This is our hotel view!! Such a good location, close to all the shopping malls and restaurants.

    We quickly unpacked and left to go shopping. It was really cold so I ended up buying a puffy jacket

    Mom bought one too (we were matching the whole day)

    It has only been 15 mins since we left the hotel and I already ended up with a full bag of clothes.

    We stopped at a ramen place to get dumplings, noodles and orange juice!

    The food was really yummy

    Then we left to do more shopping! it was still raining outside

    Dad got his fish snack as usual…

    And mom got a krispy kreme. Dad and I didn’t let her get one since we were going to eat dinner soon, but she then she ran inside

    Dad ended up getting one too… Mom and Dad eating and posing

    And then we did some more shopping… at beams (dad’s fav store)

    Dinner time!!!! Best part of the day!



    and me!!

    We had a lot of sushi

    yummy uni


    We stopped by Tokyo Hands afterward

    There was a crepe truck outside

    So more eating!!

    We started walking back to the hotel

    Passed by a few cool places

    Teddy bear cakes!!

    Candy/Food market

    Crab restaurant



    noodle shop

    a place to eat hufflepuff fish


    and got Sapporo ice cream!!

    it was getting really cold.. there was white smoke coming out of my mouth

    but i guess you can’t see it here


  5. yum…. rainbow dippin dots

    yum…. rainbow dippin dots



  7. Meal time!!

    Alone at the office doing what I do best… Eating!!!!!!

    What I bought:

    - Pacific Coffee Ice Vanilla Cap

    - 沙爹牛肉麵 (canto: Sah Deh Ngau Yok Meen)

    the store gave me a fork instead of chopsticks… how sad its like im not asian enough to use it

    - Cova cake shop

    Mini Mango Dome, Chocolate Sacher and…. Sorrry don’t remember the other one but it has chocolate shavings on top and biscuits at bottom

    I went a little crazy i kno


    and Lina thanks for ditching me (I know you’re reading this right now)

  8. All-Time Best Cover: Must Watch!!! 

  9. My First (long) Food Blog

    So… This is the reason why i started a tumblr in the first place (so that I can share my findings)… Therefore, I present the top 10 places to eat in HK

    1. Cafe TOO at Shangri-La Hotel

    One of my favorite buffets in HK, Cafe TOO offers a variety of food (ranging from indian cuisine to chocolate fountains) that will make anyone satisfied. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but this place is definitely worth the money (esp when you come with big appetite). Recommended: It’s smart to make reservations beforehand DON’T JUST SHOW UP or you’ll have to wait fosho.

    Nick trying out their mini teppanyaki-style burgers

    2. Inagiku at IFC

    Again, this is def on the pricey side. My dad took me here for my birthday lunch, and I have been coming back ever since. I mostly go for brunch and order the foie gras teppanyaki set (a must try for the foie gras lovers)

    MMMmmm…. my favorite food 

    3. Entourage at Soho

    Have a urge to go out? Well this restaurant is the best place to eat before a night out. With its proximity to LKF (most imp. for me because I always wear heels) and unique drinks, Entourage is the place to go. 

    What to order? I highly recommend their beef carpaccio and for drinks: the Blackberry lavender martini (left) and their famous Lemon Pie cocktail (right)

    4. Saboten at Causeway Bay (bottom of Henry’s House)

    I love coming to this restaurant… With their famous Japanese cutlet, this is by far the #1 place to eat crispy, fresh pork chop. Their service is fast and environment is good, its always good to stop by after shopping in crowded CWB.

    Served with Jap rice (My fav!!!)

    5. Ding Tai Fung at (68 Yee Wo Street CWB)

    This is prob the restaurant my friends and I go to the most… They have the best hangover food! It’s tradition for me to go here for lunch after a good night out. Eating xiao long bao, dan dan mian (pictured below), spicy cucumber and drinking soy bean milk/fresh watermelon juice, this place always leaves me satisfied to go home and take a long nap.

    One of my fav. dishes 台式麻醬撈麵 

    6. Odeon Taiwanese Cafe 茶軒 at CWB Pearl City Mall

    This is my go to restaurant after/before watching a movie (MCL cinema is located above the restaurant). This restaurant offers good, cheap Taiwanese food and the service again is fast. My fav. things to get is their mince beef rice and bubble tea drink. It’s best to come here during the winter (my friends and I love getting some hot bubble teas then going upstairs to watch a movie). 

    7. Bubba Gump at The Peak

    I love coming to Bubba Gump at night (best time to see HK skyline)… My friends and I love coming here for dinner, then taking the Peak Tram down to Central to have drinks after. My routine order is: Pear & Berry salad, Baby Back Ribs, Cookie dessert and Strawberry Lemonade (Ofc I’m sharing this with ppl…) Recommended: Book early, and come on birthdays (the waiters get together to sing their own made-up birthday song) … or just say its ur bday and hear them sing.

    My fav. dish to end the meal with (Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae)
    Download their menu here: http://www.bubbagump.com/assets/menus/hong-kong.pdf (it’s best to read their cookie sundae description!!)

    8. CAFFÉ VERGNANO 1882 .at Lee Gardens (CWB) or Elements

    One of the best spaghetti bolognese I’ve had in a while… (notice there’s more meat sauce than spaghetti itself yay)

    Dani and I having some for lunch :)

    9. Nomads at TST

    2 bad things about this restaurant: you must make reservations (or else there will be no seats for u…) and its pretty far from everything. This is prob one of the unique places in HK… offering Mongolian buffet (where else can you find a rest. like this?) and its all make it yourself style. You can create your own pizza, noodle, rice while making your own sauce too.

    Me and my bro’s fav. dish to make: A LOT of corn, a little bit of veg mixed with garlic and soy sauce

    10. Simply Thai at Times Square 

    Honestly this is not my favorite Thai Restaurant but I only come here for the dessert. And now for my all time fav sweet food…

    Banana Pudding!!! (Sounds and looks gross but I swear it tastes good)

    I’m DONE… And starving now what should I eat…?!!

  10. "No story lives unless someone wants to listen&#8230; The stories we love best do live in us forever. So whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." - J.K. Rowling

    "No story lives unless someone wants to listen… The stories we love best do live in us forever. So whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." - J.K. Rowling

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